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Complaining about complainers

´Don’t complain for 24 hours and watch your life starting to change´ When I read this for the first time, it was the perfect moment. That same day I had a painful insight. I complained about people who were complaining, like I did quite often. But for the first time I realized: ‘I do exactly the same and i´m pretending I’m better than they are.’

The first Moanfree Monday was born and once a year it turned into a hype in the Netherlands and Belgium on social media, tv and in many radioshows.

After the first 24 hours I knew for sure…

So why do I do this?

Being able to look back upon our lives with a somewhat satisfied feeling, despite what actually happened to us, is what I award everybody.

This drive stems from my previous job as a nurse on Intensive Care and also the Coronary Care. Both patients and family members finally came to trivialities and discussed what is so essential in real life.

Then why do we find it so hard to do the right thing in real life?

During the final and last 24 hours that my father lived, I instructed myself…

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