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´Don’t complain for 24 hours and watch your life starting to change´ When I read this for the first time, it was the perfect moment. That same day I had a painful insight. I complained about people who were complaining, like I did quite often. But for the first time I realized: ‘I do exactly the same and pretend I’m better than they are.’

The first Moanfree Monday was born and once a year it turned into a hype in the Netherlands and Belgium on social media, tv and in many radioshows.

After the first 24 hours I knew for sure: ‘this is what my first book will be about. Moanfree Monday. But first I have to practise every day like it’s Moanfree Monday and write down every experience.’

So I did. And I never quit. For four years ahaed I practise Moanfree Monday every day.

It researches life with just one question. What happens instead of complaining even in my mind while I stay honest to my inner world?

It became the question of my life. Why? I’m more connected with myself and others, what means that my life is worth more. There’s more peace in my life. I nowadays have less complaining thoughts about myself and others.

And there’s more.

I created a growth mindset what means that I believe we can improve and create more than we do right now. It worked on my creativity very well. I find more answers and possibilities than I ever found before. And finally the words ‘disappointed’ or ‘wasting time’ aren’t part of my vocabulary anymore.

Take it as it comes and add something special. If you do it your special way, connected with others, it becomes more worth it.

– Sandra Brandt

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