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So why do I do this?

Being able to look back upon our lives with a somewhat satisfied feeling, despite what actually happened to us, is what I award everybody.

This drive stems from my previous job as a nurse on Intensive Care and also the Coronary Care. Both patients and family members finally came to trivialities and discussed what is so essential in life.

Then why do we find it so hard to do the right thing in life?

During the final and last 24 hours that my father lived, I instructed myself to do just that which is really important. What happened? I do not regret one minute and am looking back on these 24 hours with very warm feelings.

Conditions to do what is essential

To be able to do what is really important you must focus very hard on the here and now. Only then, can you take the signals seriously. For instance, physical signals of tension or joy, for example. Or signals that you receive unconsciously from the partner you are at that time speaking to, so you can name specifically, and can steer the conversation and thus keep the conversation meaningful.

It is a complex structure that I have simplified to the 7 Keys voor een Moanfree Life. Practising a Moanfree Life appears to be the tool to be able to look back with good feelings, independent of what happens to you. As I have to do something to prevent complaining.

Some aspects are:

  • Do not place your mindset above or underneath someone else;
  • Find equal esteem for yourself as well as the other;
  • Communicate from needs.

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